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Take up any challenge in the Construction sector and able to use the state- of- art in technology to change working culture.

No need for Drafting any more

Now you can use existing drawings and save time to collect quantities..

Manage Time and Cost

Q-Surv Controls most important factors in the construction management such as: Time, Cost and Effort..


Q-Surv offers practical features for more flexible daily task.


Q-Surv offers consistent ways to define any item in construction, facilitate items tracking, retrieval and further comparison.


Q-Surv allows user to use existing ACAD drawings and save time of re-drafting and modeling


Predefined formulas to carry out quantity survey calculations. So, time consumed utilizing other common calculation methods are eliminated.


Q-Surv enables the user to separately deal with excessive modifications take place in the design. Therefore, the user will be able to track any changes with minimum effort


Q-Surv saves organizations from falling into the trap of “Double Work”. It works on the project WBS which is built in a central Data Base. So, all workers can handle their tasks everywhere without redundancy.


No need to hire top-notch engineers & drafters. First-entry level staff will be able to use the program and get accurate results required.


In few clicks, Q-Surv issues comprehensive reports for any project breakdown level and suits different department needs.

Best Practices

Construction is the most complicated field in management and The most weakness level of a the construction process is the task. So Q-Surv works with the task oriented people.

The more you deal with Details the more you get a process controlled, Q-Surv offers you the capability to express your project data to the lowest level ever.

For an item in construction not all people can agree on its definition, the item indicates "Work Package" in tendering stage, "Schedules" windows, doors ..etc. in the Engineering stage, a "Delivery batch" in procurement and "an Activity" in execution stage. The item in Q-Surv indicates the material can be specified with Type, Size and color and simply can be quantified from an AutoCAD Drawing.

Construction Materials" Cost represents more than 65% of the project direct cost, therefore the necessity of making accurate Quantity Survey along the project life cycle, across all stages offers the flexibility to cost controllers to update cost plan in a timely manner and achieve specific cost saving.

What we offer

To reach the excellence, we try to approach the user thinking. The main goal of using a software is to make the live easier. So we offer all of our experience to achieve our customer satisfaction


We offer consultancy in organization development including evaluation, team formation, setup and implementation



We offer Q-Surv onsite and online training for organizations on the task and management levels, standard project training or tailored training after implementation data prepared (see consultancy services).


Technical Support

We offer technical support for individuals after sales and organizations after the implementation


Project Management

We offer project management activities pertaining to QS such cost control and tendering documents. We prepare tendering packages, Quantity takeoff and updates, cost estimation and management along project live cycle.

About us

Who are we?

PTMA Group is an IT & Construction Management consulting firm started off by two owners Mohamed Mohey & Ali Sabra and then expanded their stakeholders to include investors from other industries. Through their 30 years of experience in Project / Construction management, consultancy and IT solutions, a great understanding has been developed of the challenges involved in running a successful operation in the construction & IT industries. PTMA Group established in March 2016; our head-quarter located in Istanbul with presence in Saudi, and Egypt .


We have informative answers to all your questions about Q-Surv

Yes it is easy to use, Q-Surv has four modules, people can use each module as per their professions as following:

Project Module: it needs planning skills or just information comes from planners to enter project data.

Items Module: it needs experience in dealing with materials to describe an item in an easy way.

Drawing Packages Module: it is a document controlling tool, can be used by a document controller, and it is easy to use for most people.

Q-Surv Task Module: it is easy to use for all engineers and drafters working with drawings on daily basis.

So all workers in the construction field can deal with the application all as per his profession.

No, Q-Surv does not deal with supply chain or stock management processes.

No, Q-Surv does not make cost estimation, it collects items quantities from AutoCAD drawings with respect to their area of application, but sure the quantity takeoff is one of most important aspect to managing the project cost.






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