About us

Who are we?

PTMA Group is an IT & Construction Management consulting firm started off by two owners Mohamed Mohey & Ali Sabra and then expanded their stakeholders to include investors from other industries. Through their 30 years of experience in Project / Construction management, consultancy and IT solutions, a great understanding has been developed of the challenges involved in running a successful operation in the construction & IT industries. PTMA Group established in March 2016; our head-quarter located in Istanbul with presence in Saudi, and Egypt .


Our goal is to achieve service excellence, acknowledged by satisfied clients and proven by successful projects. So that quality, cost and time of work are enhanced for all.


Our vision is to be a Consultant that is in a position to take up any challenge in the Construction sector and able to use the state- of- art in technology to change working culture and the conventional way of thinking in the workplace. “A company with an open mind ready to embrace new opportunities and driven to deliver exceptional value.”


PTMA Group functions according to a code of ethics grounded in uncompromising integrity. Both principals and personnel are bound to a code of conduct which includes integrity, loyalty, reliability, truthfulness, commitment and mutual respect. We are also fully committed to the codes of conduct laid down by our affiliated professional bodies, and no comprise on any of these principles will be tolerated.