Company History

PTMA Group is an IT & Construction Management consulting firm started off by two owners Mohamed Mohey & Ali Sabra and then expanded their stakeholders to include investors from other industries. Through their 30 years of experience in Project / Construction management, consultancy and IT solutions, a great understanding has been developed of the challenges involved in running a successful operation in the construction & IT industries. PTMA Group established in March 2016; our head-quarter located in Istanbul with presence in Saudi, and Egypt.

Q-Surv History

The idea of Q-Surv started when the need arises in one of the Megaprojects in Saudi Arabia to quantity survey large amount of items in a very short time. Our team member and the founder of this program thought about creating a macro plugged into AutoCAD program which can collect quantities straight from the AutoCAD drawings and drop it in an interface box. The video was published on youtube and it achieved rank number 1 since April 21, 2014. published on youtube