We offer consultancy in organization development including evaluation, team formation, setup and implementation

Organization development

To achieve the best usability of Q-Surv we offer upgrading the organization to a better level of communication and enhance the document management system. We deal with the most important stages of the project, which is planning, engineering and execution. Therefore, we offer the following action plan to put the organization on the track:

Planning Team

§  WBS (work breakdown structure) verification

§  Creating Document Naming (coding) system

§  Deliver WBS handling tasks with other departments

Engineering Team

§  Gathering Technical Documents

§  Specifications

§  Drawings and related submittals

§  Material and related submittals

§  Apply DMS (Document Management System) techniques that facilitates handling documents processes

§  Apply naming system

§  Documents workflows

§  Backlog clearance

§  Deliver DMS tasks to serve all project participants to engineering team and  project site team

Procurement Team

§  Apply DMS system to manage documents

§  Apply naming system for procurement documents

1.      P.O. (purchase order)

2.      Contracts

3.      RFQ (request for quotation)

§  Apply CSI coding to available items

1.      Specially coming from drawings

2.      And items that regularly delivers to the site on daily basis

3.      Deliver procurement documentation tasks

Final Deliverables

§  Project WBS

§  Drawing list (and related submittals)

§  Material list (and related submittals)

§  P.O. list (and deliveries)

Q-Surv Activities

§  Apply project WBS

§  List all Items (with related product types, sizes and colors if any)

§  Package drawings (as per drawing list)

§  Apply QS tasks from all drawings as per project priority

§   Compare Q-Surv Quantities with available quantities