Find informative answers to all your questions about Q-Surv

Yes it is easy to use, Q-Surv has four modules, people can use each module as per their professions as following:

Project Module: it needs planning skills or just information comes from planners to enter project data.

Items Module: it needs experience in dealing with materials to describe an item in an easy way.

Drawing Packages Module: it is a document controlling tool, can be used by a document controller, and it is easy to use for most people.

Q-Surv Task Module: it is easy to use for all engineers and drafters working with drawings on daily basis.

So all workers in the construction field can deal with the application all as per his profession.

No, Q-Surv does not deal with supply chain or stock management processes.

No, Q-Surv does not make cost estimation, it collects items quantities from AutoCAD drawings with respect to their area of application, but sure the quantity takeoff is one of most important aspect to managing the project cost.

First of all, BIM indicates "Building Information Modeling" so we have a modeling process takes place to express information, this information helps in tracking a process applied to a building.

There are many applications work with construction modeling like Autodesk Revit, Tekla, they are not only working with QS but also have several features.

So the question should be "What is the difference between Q-Surv and Modeling software....?"

Actually, they are different

- Q-Surv doesn't make modeling, it just uses AutoCAD drawings to collect items quantities.

- Q-Surv Collects Items Quantities available in 2D drawings.

- Q-Surv has the following Competitive Advantages:

1- It is too closed from the common culture of using AutoCAD Drawings to make Quantity Survey.

2- It facilitated the Quantity Survey task that people need every day to control project cost and deliverables

3- It offers the QS task along with all project stages and makes the quantity available for all concerned people in one database.

So Q-Surv finally focuses on quantities, it has different functionality from the Modeling software, the quantity is one of their results after finishing modeling and applying items in each element of the structure.

No, Q-Surv doesn't make modeling, it helps users drafting on AutoCAD drawings to collect items quantities