We offer Q-Surv onsite and online training for organizations on the task and management levels, standard project training or tailored training after implementation data prepared (see consultancy services).


Standard training

The standard training includes the minimum information that gives user the main concept about each module in the application with few details of common cases.The standard course includes the following content:


·       Concept Overview,References and Principles

·       Standard project with four levels of WBS (Buildings, Levels, Disciplines and Drawing types)

·       Six no. of items express all available survey methods (the way that data collected from an AutoCAD drawing)

·       Three no. of drawing packages to go through main construction disciplines (Architecture,Structure and Mechanical)

·       Three no. of quantity survey tasks to show items quantity collected from an AutoCAD drawing.


We divide the course into three groups of users; managers, engineers, and drafters. For each group we have certain modules to be demonstrated as following:



They are concerned of project setup and reporting modules



They are concerned of items and QS task modules



They are only concerned of using the task execution application


In addition, the system administrator’s course includes system configuration and account manager modules.



Tailored training


The tailored course has the same content that standard course includes but it is planned as per our team gap analysis and the organization strategy.